Our enviable list of clients range from the one man band (sole trader), to large corporate businesses with many users within their operation. 

The ethos behind Enerswitch is not to just set you up to save money, but to couple that by bringing you a sustainable assurance that you will keep on making savings throughout the life of the business. Our exceptional knowledge within the utility / fuel sector is second to none. We love nothing more than saving companies money and we have a deep understanding of the fuel network and alongside our partners, we endeavour to continue to provide reliable utility management to our clients. 

Because of reasons of confidentiality, we do not share client details with anyone, but we can tell you that we have literally thousands of active accounts. We also know because of how much is spent cumalatively over these accounts that we are saving many thousands of pounds each week from client information throughout the UK.

We are achieving sustainable growth and our clients are seeing the benefit of this. We are fast becoming like a department within firms which they never really thought about on the basis that we save them so much over a year that they wish they had got involved a lot sooner, we hear this all the time.

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